Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental Steel & Aluminum Fencing Installation in Martinsburg, WV

Steel Fencing: Strong, Durable & Affordable

McCormick’s Fencing of Martinsburg, West Virginia provides installation of the highest quality ornamental steel and aluminum fences for residential customers throughout Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan County. Steel fencing is one of the strongest and most durable fence materials available and it is also surprisingly affordable.

The Finest Fusion Welded Steel & Aluminum Fencing

McCormick’s Fencing purchases only the finest grades of steel and aluminum fencing to provide you with the extended durability that you need. The joints of our fence systems are fusion welded at all of the points of intersection, not merely bent or fastened. This prevents the fence from experiencing warping and rotation over time.

The beauty of our steel and aluminum fences is unmatched. The seams of our fences are designed to hide the welds and blend in well. Thus, the seams are virtually indistinguishable from the typical viewing distance and angle. Both sides of the fence have a uniform appearance so that viewers both inside and outside of your fence will enjoy the beauty of your fence and not be distracted by unsightly welds or seams.

Customize Your Decorve Ornamental Fenceati

 Our ornamental fences are completely customizable and can be as plain or a decorative as your interests dictate. The look of wrought iron can be replicated, if desired. We can install customized accents including various circles and rings, finials, scrolls, medallions, and other personalized touches. This classic black fence adds a touch of sophistication to any property that it is installed on. Heights range from three to six feet. Gates include latches and hinges and are available in matching styles, with single entry or double drive. Cantilever gates, self-closing, and self-latching gates are also available.

Contact McCormick’s Fencing to learn more about your steel and aluminum fencing options or to schedule an appointment to receive a free no pressure estimate: (304) 267-4787.